My About Page...

Meet Bud Pike...

8 Years ago I caught the dream of becoming an entrepreneur online.

I already have a brick and mortar business I'm working.

For over 30 years, Even with all the perks of owning, my time was limited.

So my efforts to get my internet business off the ground failed miserably! But it wasn't because of my regular job. OK maybe a little but I was doing it all mostly wrong!

Then I met my mentor, Vick Strizheus,

The founder of FourPercent. He was teaching a course called The Challenge.

With his teachings things started to change.  An over the shoulder type of training where he shares his screen so you see how it looks!

He also developed Internet Traffic Mastery.

So You can handle traffic like a boss! Traffic is just customers coming to an offer.

I get a little off track when talking about it! :0)

Vick spent the last 14+ years showing people how to create real and lasting breakthroughs in their business, marketing, income, and life.

Now I love what I do. My biggest rewards are seeing others win.

Internet Marketing is People helping people, win win.